Political Hacks vs Sensible People

I continue to watch with PAIN…

…the debate by and about  public figures who are sexual predators, abusers, pedophiles, corrupted beings, liars, seditious figures at the highest levels, and willing to commit indirect genocide of the poor and elderly by redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich and ultra-rich.  I stand in utter awe that ordinary people get carried away in political rhetoric about “voting for the least evil candidate” or the person who inspires eager loyalists to do unthinkable acts of inhumanity with their hate inspiring “Us versus Them” slogans designed to divide and conquer people who should have better sense.

I also watch with AWE…

…the wonderful people whom I associate with who care about others.  Those people who realize that today they may be doing really well but are only one small personal disaster away from the bread line themselves.

For example, it is a long standing fact that the leading reason of filing of personal bankruptcy is that one unexpected event inexplicably turns into a medical disaster.  In my opinion, if that bankrupt person remains haughty and loyal about the political “stupid sell” propaganda of ‘sticking it’ to the poor so that the rich can get a bigger dividend, they need a reality check .

Thanks to the “Awesome members” of our supposedly superior species …

…who follow the motto that we try to emulate at Quiet Way,  (now in our 10th year),


Thanks for the men, women and children who have reached out their hand; who unexpectedly offer you $30 for gas money because they know you’re stuck in a hole and for their love, help and support to help another get past a hard today and a new start on a fresh tomorrow.  These are amazing people whom you can TRUST with your burdens and heart aches.  They are NOT a political group…. they are people with depth, compassion, and a soul.

Quiet Way is a vehicle to DO GOOD. 

This November, 2017,  another 8,000 children will have access to textbooks who formerly shared one book with 7 other students.   This little door to their future was made just a little more ‘real’ by our friends, whom we love to associate with, and many who donated $25 here and $25 there to help with the effort, and….

…who were there for me and Maurine…

….when our Disaster came in 2011. I’m not very interested in the plentiful “Pretending Christians” we prefer to share our lives with, but instead with the many “Real McCoys”.   We’re just paying their genuine kindnesses, including that timely $30 of much need gas money, forward.

Ron Hatfield

Nov 2017

Helping ME is really about Helping YOU


I was slaughtered by the recession of 2018 finally losing about $20,000,000 worth of properties and stocks in the mess by 2011.  I didn’t care because I had faith in my abilities to build it all again.  It later turned out that the recession overcame my self confidence and finally beat me into the ground.

At my lowest point I looked BACK on this work and saw MYSELF in the position of the people that I had served.  Broke and without resources.  Sympathy turned to empthy.

My family and I had formed “In Our Own Quiet Way” in 2005 but didn’t officially apply to register it as a 401(c)3 charity with the IRS in January 2007.   July of 2007 we received our confirmation.  Participation by friends and stranges could now benefit the many people with tax deductibility who were involved helping us to fund our initiatives.


We built Dams on seasonal rivers, dug wells, built a community center with Peter Ogego in Assembo Kenya (that fed hundreds and hundreds of AIDS Orphans for many years), we assisted medical teams including the great surgeon, Kimball Crofts and his team of 22) that did many technical and important surgeries for the very poor.

With others we supplied schools with books….   provided scholarships and, most satisfying, help to feed 7 villages (10,000 people) through the killer drought of 2011 in South Eastern Kenya.  In addition we sponsored a farm for 30 families and assisted ordinary citizens with tons and tons of supplies including computers etc.

But…. as impressive as that sounds and as privileged as we were to work with the many wonderful members of our volunteer teams….


We were privileged to meet some of the most dedicated humanitarians in the world who were just ordinary people but who were, in reality,  EXTRAORDINARY human beings.  People like Louis Pope who had formed a micro loan center serving over 38,000 women in Mombasa Kenya.  Hundreds of people, mostly normal Kenyans, who had founded schools and clinics.

Robert Workman had put together a crazy but awesome trucking operation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that was a spectacular plan to build the economy of the region and seed multiple dynamic places for services in their area of operation.

Peter Ogego, as mentioned earlier, who founded the AIDS Orphan feeding center that we assisted with.

It’s true that my little team, made up of my wife, daughters, grandchildren, friends, new friends, Benson Kasue, BYU interns and people like Michael Grey did things that are still praised from time to time in poems to this day…..


We were but a drop in this wonderful bucket full of awesome human beings that lifted, blessed, inspired, cheered and brightened the lives of tens… maybe hundreds of thousands of people who could not properly provide for themselves….

…These experiences helped to fill our lives with meaning

…and continue to inspire us.


Open Letter from the Poor

Fall 2015

I have always enjoyed blessing the lives of others…. especially as an anonymous “Johnny Appleseeder”. It’s a kind of an investment in the “Good” of our society. I always hoped that it was a seed that would bear fruit in the person and then be replanted by them in a thousand other persons over their lifetime.

I never thought my later years would be burdened with this unexpected poverty, especially after carefully building a reasonable fortune.
However, poverty has been wonderful in many ways. I have felt the helplessness of situations…. I have had my hope for a better future tested…. I have hurt and cried out to God…. have condemned the “haves” for ignoring suffering while adding another billion to their portfolio…. and, I have been able to look into the eyes of others in similar circumstances to mine. I have accepted the reality that we really are ALL on the same spaceship earth and there is no sure thing in life except death and the opportunity to make a difference. Love is optional…. only the wise recognize it and bath in it.

I heard someone say that the difference between poor people and rich people is that poor people NEED each other to survive. That really translates into wonderful co-adventurer relationships as we jointly lift one another and love one another. ‘People of means’ have the opportunity to ISOLATE themselves from the poor and needy and, in contrast, build their “high net worth” society with much more superficial interests in one another. I have been in both and they are different worlds. Most Poor people give and give. Most Rich people plot and plot.

So, to you angels, who throw those “topins” out for the birds each day… who have great pleasure in seeing kindnesses multiplied through those receivers who then lift and bless others… and who fulfill the famous saying quoted often by Jimmy Durante….. “Be careful of how you treat people on the way up because you will surely see them again on the way back down”…. I tip my hat and say THANK YOU from all of us.

Ron Hatfield

Princess Ilyssia and the Kenyan Ambassador Confer

FOR MANY OF THE CHILDREN (Girls) assigned to haul water 2+ miles TWICE each day for their families… the full Jerry Can weighs more than the Princess herself (tiara included)

Princess Festival is over for 2011….. thousands of people were shown that the most fundamental cause of poverty is lack of clean potable water….. and it’s the easiest of all major issues to fix.

Kenyan Ambassador, Elkanah Odemo, advised us while visiting the Princess Festival that a rare opportunity exists NOW with Kenya as it applies the reforms of the new constitution passed last November. Power is shifting from the Federal Government to the County (State) governments, bringing the money and decision making nearer to the people themselves.

This means that new policies and practices will be established on basic governance and allocation of resources. The ability to reduced the possibilities for corruption and other mismanagement practices now presents itself. It is time to act.

In November 2010 in Nairobi Kenya, Quiet Way held a summit with many stakeholders and initiated our broad initiative of reforming government and private policies and practices. We are now moving ahead with our concept to identify, assist in the capture, storage and distribution of clean water (in a very predictable and efficient manner) to benefit the citizens of those counties most affected by drought and related tortuous death it delivers.

At the Festival, little US princesses tried to lift the 60lb full jerry can that women carry up to 5 km each morning at 4 am, every day, for a mere 20 liters of water to their families. For many it weighed more than the Princess herself, tiara included.

What is the first step to changing the world….. The Princess Festival theme song, “More than a Princess” describes it very succinctly…. you must care about others, and as Princess Ilissa said, “together we can accomplish very difficult things”.


Why are we in Kenya Africa and not Orlando Florida?

Unforeseeable circumstances while in Germany in 2002 were the mechanism that introduced us to Kenya. Frankly, I was so impressed at how much $500 could do to reduce human suffering.
Over my entire career we have been involved in giving to the poor and needy. The hard part of our earlier strategy is that we had no strategy at all, just compassion. Our donations were used for various good things, but the support of a deserving mother of 3 while her husband or boy friend crafted his next excuse to let others (welfare) care for his family, never set well with me.
It became clear to us that there should be an analysis of three things:

    • What brought us pleasure and joy to do
    • How could we monitor and direct the use of the money
    • Where was the need the greatest

Regarding #1:
Africa scared me. HIV-AIDS, Malaria, lack of sanitation, cholera, tribal war, lions and severe poverty were all in front of me.
It seemed much more fun to watch kids enjoy a new school playground in Utah.

Regarding #2:
Africa can wick the money right out of the pocket of a kind person. Africa has over 40 countries and they speak many different languages. It is full of con-men and women who steal to stay alive or get ahead. The press made it clear that doing work in Africa required bribes and dealing with corruption at all levels.
It was much easier to donate coats at Christmas time to the Homeless Shelter in Orlando, Florida

Regarding #3:
Donating $500 to a school playground is good but kids don’t necessarily NEED a playground. Donating $500 for coats at the shelter went hand in hand with finding those same coats a few weeks later in the park or alleys, trashed and useless. Someone had donated new ones and the “old ones” were simply discarded for the new ones.
We don’t solve HARD problems by doing the easy stuff. GREAT people do hard things!
The needs are great partially because there is HIV-AIDS, Malaria, cholera, tribal war, lions, severe poverty and corruption. Rocket science is not required to be able to get clean water to a mom with 6 kids enabling her time to work for money, send the kids to school, and raise a garden…. Whereas, otherwise she must use a good part of her everyday to walk to a pond, puddle, muddy well, or small stream (where people are washing clothes and goats are pooping in it) to fetch the necessary 20 liters of water for that day. Make good water available to that one mom, and you actually help 8 people (family), the village (200 families), the area (2,000) people and so forth.
So we are specializing in improving the process of saving thousands and soon millions of lives….. and giving those awesome human beings a chance to survive and prosper.
We do it all with our friends and volunteers.

You can recognize most of them…. Large smiles, ‘eager to help’ dispositions, compassion, big hearts, and good common sense.

Holly ate ONLY “UGALI” for 90 days demonstrating a Starvation Diet

In 2009, our Executive Director, Holly Sue Hatfield decided to test the interest of the American Public regarding unnecessary deaths in third world countries Following is the Press Release:


Lindon, Utah—A 26-year-old Utah woman has been eating nothing but ugali, Kenya’s staple food, since Oct. 1 to raise awareness about the current famine in that African country.

Ugali is essentially a flavorless cornmeal product that varies from a porridge-like consistency to something closer to uncooked bread dough. It’s in the same genus as polenta in Italy, mealie pap in South Africa, Mayi moulin in Haiti or grits in the deep South of the United States. No matter where you eat it though, the mush has very little nutritional value—and it gets boring fast,” says Holly Sue Hatfield. Hatfield adds that she’s planning on being on the ugali diet until Dec. 31, 2009.

As director of development and compliance for In Our Own Quiet Way (a Utah-based nonprofit organization that has been working to send food to starving Kenyans in the short term, and helping to develop long-term self-sustaining programs), Hatfield says she’s seen firsthand the struggles faced by many East Africans as a result of a decade-long drought in the area. “No rainfall means no crops, and no crops means no food. The livestock dies alongside the plants, and the people soon follow. The two daily servings of ugali I’m surviving on are actually more than some people in the hardest hit regions consume,” Hatfield said.

On the first day she started the diet, the 5-foot-10-inch-tall Hatfield weighed 182 pounds. After the first week of consuming nothing but ugali, water and black coffee, she dropped 8 pounds.

“I love food, so make no mistake—this is a serious sacrifice for me. Daily headaches, irritability, crying jags and dizziness have been the only side effects so far,” she said.
Hatfield documented her experience through weekly video updates, Twitter, Facebook and (Note: These are no longer live)

Hatfield has emphasized that In Our Own Quiet Way is not endorsing her self-imposed diet. “This is the work of an over-zealous employee,” she adds.

She is asking the public to support In Our Own Quiet Way by donating to the organization’s Give A Dam project, a long-term initiative to build water retention ponds in the driest regions of Kenya. Interested parties can donate through the nonprofit’s website.

Outcome: She starved herself and noticeably no one except her parents really cared. Most everyone else was worried that their 401(k) was down 20%.

Only now as we suffer from an EXTENDED recession (some call it a “depression”) have economists declared…. “This will continue to happen until we can understand the dynamics of a GLOBAL ECONOMY. The Old rules don’t apply anymore. In the present state of affairs, the beating of a butterfly’s wings affects the climate on the other side of the world”.

We’re hoping that several ‘current affair savvy’ Utah High Schools will be the butterfly wings in 2011-2012 and beyond.