Helping ME is really about Helping YOU


I was slaughtered by the recession of 2018 finally losing about $20,000,000 worth of properties and stocks in the mess by 2011.  I didn’t care because I had faith in my abilities to build it all again.  It later turned out that the recession overcame my self confidence and finally beat me into the ground.

At my lowest point I looked BACK on this work and saw MYSELF in the position of the people that I had served.  Broke and without resources.  Sympathy turned to empthy.

My family and I had formed “In Our Own Quiet Way” in 2005 but didn’t officially apply to register it as a 401(c)3 charity with the IRS in January 2007.   July of 2007 we received our confirmation.  Participation by friends and stranges could now benefit the many people with tax deductibility who were involved helping us to fund our initiatives.


We built Dams on seasonal rivers, dug wells, built a community center with Peter Ogego in Assembo Kenya (that fed hundreds and hundreds of AIDS Orphans for many years), we assisted medical teams including the great surgeon, Kimball Crofts and his team of 22) that did many technical and important surgeries for the very poor.

With others we supplied schools with books….   provided scholarships and, most satisfying, help to feed 7 villages (10,000 people) through the killer drought of 2011 in South Eastern Kenya.  In addition we sponsored a farm for 30 families and assisted ordinary citizens with tons and tons of supplies including computers etc.

But…. as impressive as that sounds and as privileged as we were to work with the many wonderful members of our volunteer teams….


We were privileged to meet some of the most dedicated humanitarians in the world who were just ordinary people but who were, in reality,  EXTRAORDINARY human beings.  People like Louis Pope who had formed a micro loan center serving over 38,000 women in Mombasa Kenya.  Hundreds of people, mostly normal Kenyans, who had founded schools and clinics.

Robert Workman had put together a crazy but awesome trucking operation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that was a spectacular plan to build the economy of the region and seed multiple dynamic places for services in their area of operation.

Peter Ogego, as mentioned earlier, who founded the AIDS Orphan feeding center that we assisted with.

It’s true that my little team, made up of my wife, daughters, grandchildren, friends, new friends, Benson Kasue, BYU interns and people like Michael Grey did things that are still praised from time to time in poems to this day…..


We were but a drop in this wonderful bucket full of awesome human beings that lifted, blessed, inspired, cheered and brightened the lives of tens… maybe hundreds of thousands of people who could not properly provide for themselves….

…These experiences helped to fill our lives with meaning

…and continue to inspire us.


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