Open Letter from the Poor

Fall 2015

I have always enjoyed blessing the lives of others…. especially as an anonymous “Johnny Appleseeder”. It’s a kind of an investment in the “Good” of our society. I always hoped that it was a seed that would bear fruit in the person and then be replanted by them in a thousand other persons over their lifetime.

I never thought my later years would be burdened with this unexpected poverty, especially after carefully building a reasonable fortune.
However, poverty has been wonderful in many ways. I have felt the helplessness of situations…. I have had my hope for a better future tested…. I have hurt and cried out to God…. have condemned the “haves” for ignoring suffering while adding another billion to their portfolio…. and, I have been able to look into the eyes of others in similar circumstances to mine. I have accepted the reality that we really are ALL on the same spaceship earth and there is no sure thing in life except death and the opportunity to make a difference. Love is optional…. only the wise recognize it and bath in it.

I heard someone say that the difference between poor people and rich people is that poor people NEED each other to survive. That really translates into wonderful co-adventurer relationships as we jointly lift one another and love one another. ‘People of means’ have the opportunity to ISOLATE themselves from the poor and needy and, in contrast, build their “high net worth” society with much more superficial interests in one another. I have been in both and they are different worlds. Most Poor people give and give. Most Rich people plot and plot.

So, to you angels, who throw those “topins” out for the birds each day… who have great pleasure in seeing kindnesses multiplied through those receivers who then lift and bless others… and who fulfill the famous saying quoted often by Jimmy Durante….. “Be careful of how you treat people on the way up because you will surely see them again on the way back down”…. I tip my hat and say THANK YOU from all of us.

Ron Hatfield