CHILDREN deserve a chance at life

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2017 Project – Library Books for 21 Elementary Schools and Another Dam


2018 Projects Statement

We learned from our work in 2017 that the books were badly needed in the schools.  We also learned that the school system is experiencing significant pressure from Growth.  We also learned that the possibility of expanding the opportunities for local bicycle and running athletes to compete at a higher level with better training and competition is in high demand.

Therefore, our plans for 2018 will include the following:

  1. More books
  2. Expansion of additional basic student outhouse toilets and sanitary facilities at the Primary Schools
  3. Introduction of an interschool competition between select Primary Schools to promote a beginning sports program
  4. Purchase of ten 40’ Conex Cargo Transport containers for ten schools to use as secured storage

Our program is one that shares the joy of serving with the friends of the charity.  We will make available a few selected opportunities for others to participate in person (at their own expense) in the travel and implementation of these projects.