Political Hacks vs Sensible People

I continue to watch with PAIN…

…the debate by and about  public figures who are sexual predators, abusers, pedophiles, corrupted beings, liars, seditious figures at the highest levels, and willing to commit indirect genocide of the poor and elderly by redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich and ultra-rich.  I stand in utter awe that ordinary people get carried away in political rhetoric about “voting for the least evil candidate” or the person who inspires eager loyalists to do unthinkable acts of inhumanity with their hate inspiring “Us versus Them” slogans designed to divide and conquer people who should have better sense.

I also watch with AWE…

…the wonderful people whom I associate with who care about others.  Those people who realize that today they may be doing really well but are only one small personal disaster away from the bread line themselves.

For example, it is a long standing fact that the leading reason of filing of personal bankruptcy is that one unexpected event inexplicably turns into a medical disaster.  In my opinion, if that bankrupt person remains haughty and loyal about the political “stupid sell” propaganda of ‘sticking it’ to the poor so that the rich can get a bigger dividend, they need a reality check .

Thanks to the “Awesome members” of our supposedly superior species …

…who follow the motto that we try to emulate at Quiet Way,  (now in our 10th year),


Thanks for the men, women and children who have reached out their hand; who unexpectedly offer you $30 for gas money because they know you’re stuck in a hole and for their love, help and support to help another get past a hard today and a new start on a fresh tomorrow.  These are amazing people whom you can TRUST with your burdens and heart aches.  They are NOT a political group…. they are people with depth, compassion, and a soul.

Quiet Way is a vehicle to DO GOOD. 

This November, 2017,  another 8,000 children will have access to textbooks who formerly shared one book with 7 other students.   This little door to their future was made just a little more ‘real’ by our friends, whom we love to associate with, and many who donated $25 here and $25 there to help with the effort, and….

…who were there for me and Maurine…

….when our Disaster came in 2011. I’m not very interested in the plentiful “Pretending Christians” we prefer to share our lives with, but instead with the many “Real McCoys”.   We’re just paying their genuine kindnesses, including that timely $30 of much need gas money, forward.

Ron Hatfield

Nov 2017

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