Princess Ilyssia and the Kenyan Ambassador Confer

FOR MANY OF THE CHILDREN (Girls) assigned to haul water 2+ miles TWICE each day for their families… the full Jerry Can weighs more than the Princess herself (tiara included)

Princess Festival is over for 2011….. thousands of people were shown that the most fundamental cause of poverty is lack of clean potable water….. and it’s the easiest of all major issues to fix.

Kenyan Ambassador, Elkanah Odemo, advised us while visiting the Princess Festival that a rare opportunity exists NOW with Kenya as it applies the reforms of the new constitution passed last November. Power is shifting from the Federal Government to the County (State) governments, bringing the money and decision making nearer to the people themselves.

This means that new policies and practices will be established on basic governance and allocation of resources. The ability to reduced the possibilities for corruption and other mismanagement practices now presents itself. It is time to act.

In November 2010 in Nairobi Kenya, Quiet Way held a summit with many stakeholders and initiated our broad initiative of reforming government and private policies and practices. We are now moving ahead with our concept to identify, assist in the capture, storage and distribution of clean water (in a very predictable and efficient manner) to benefit the citizens of those counties most affected by drought and related tortuous death it delivers.

At the Festival, little US princesses tried to lift the 60lb full jerry can that women carry up to 5 km each morning at 4 am, every day, for a mere 20 liters of water to their families. For many it weighed more than the Princess herself, tiara included.

What is the first step to changing the world….. The Princess Festival theme song, “More than a Princess” describes it very succinctly…. you must care about others, and as Princess Ilissa said, “together we can accomplish very difficult things”.